Bahmni connection timing out

Hi, I am trying to install bahmni using this tutorial. Bahmni Virtual Box & Vagrant Setup (On Windows) - Mar/2019 - YouTube When I get to opening the IP address at the step of minute 8:41 of the video, the connection times out. When I saw the vagrant, I found it as in the attached screenshot. I am on Ubuntu. Any help plz :slight_smile: ?

Could you try this?

  1. go to tools and click options

  2. click on the advanced button and then click the network tab

  3. then under connections click settings

  4. click auto-detect proxy settings for this network.

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which tools? firefox or vagrant?

Firefox. I think the problem is with the browser. Try doing this if it doesn’t work try changing browser.

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I did the auto-detect proxy settings in firefox, but it did not open the link also. I then tried it in Opera browser and did not open. I tried (vagrant ssh) then (vagrant up) in the terminal, it opened in firefox, but my laptop got very very slow and all frozen. I was still not able to browse bahmni although it opened in firefox. Is this a problem with the hardware requirements of Bahmni?

It very well could be. I’d suggest restarting your machine and starting from scratch. Have a look at this for the system requirements needed.

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