Bahmni-Connect usage survey

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While working with a large scale implementation using Bahmni connect we have come across a situation where we feel we are being restricted by a fundamental way Bahmni connect is designed to work today. We are planning a roadmap around designing a solution to address that.

We are running a very short survey here to understand the implementation that you are working on currently and if the design change is something you would want to use or collaborate on. Please take the survey here.It will help us immensely in understanding connect’s usage.

Survey Link :

Please let us know if you are having difficulty accessing the survey.

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We have been working on a document to come up with what technical approach we should go with to start devising the solution. Once we are able to come up with a technical approach we will be in a better position to start work on a more low level implementation diagram for that approach.

For now attaching copy of the document in the thread for discussion. @tejakancherla. @pratibhasagar @angshuonline @buvaneswariarun @pradiptakundu @vmalini

Bahmni-Connect Technical Analysis.docx (1.4 MB)