Bahmni Connect tips

We are using Bahmni 0.90 for 3 day missions and pass tablets/Chromebooks from registrar to the doctors directly, each tablet has a paper Post-it note with patient IDs, which doctors underline when finished before passing tablet back to the registrar. The registrar must keep a register of which tablet each patient is on in case they return during the mission. Normally family groups or about 3 patients are registered on each tablet to minimise passing.

For the dispensary, doctors go to the patient dashboard, ‘select all’ and then use SHAREit to send directly to the dispensary PC which has SHAREit running permanently. This also keeps a record of all patient data in case of problems during sync.

After the 3 day mission patients are synced, and the app deleted for the next location. This is important to do often too as the app sometimes gets corrupted.

To minimise SYNC errors:

  • Disable any patient identifier ‘Regex Format’ in OpenMRS (this blocked all patients in sync for us if ever triggered)

  • Keep SYNC events to a minimum, when the numbers get very large some memory issues seem to arise

  • NEVER CHANGE A DIAGNOSIS after it has been saved. You should add ‘deleted’ to the NOTE and create a new one.

  • for Non-Coded CHIEF COMPLAINT, use ‘nc’ then click ACCEPT, WITHOUT entering any duration!!, and put the details and durations in the NOTE only.