bahmni connect registration location

Hi, i installed bahmni connect but i have problems I do not have more location options to login only registration desk and when i try to login with it i get an error.

and when i try to login with the registration desk here is what i get

Thank you

First check if your Bahmni server (web login) is working fine. Register patient there, set it up. Then you will need to configure Bahmni connect to talk to that Bahmni server (so it can pull data from that server). Appears to be some misconfiguration, which is causing initial sync to fail. Maybe if you switch to “Developer Mode” in your browser and see the “network” tab or the “console” tab, you should see what errors are coming.

@gsluthra bahmni web is workin all the locations are displayed as you can see below

but in bahmni connect doe not fetch the locations

One instance of Bahmni Connect can only be used to login into one location at a time, since it brings in data for that location into browser in offline mode. Therefore, once synced to one location, to switch location, one needs to “clear cache” (delete all data in browser for that domain – including indexDB in browser). Maybe this is what happened in your case, it has “fixed” itself to one location. Maybe try clearing your browser cache and then trying again?