Bahmni Connect does not sync with patient and address no drop-down

Please help to fix this issue on bahmni connect, patient does not sync with address and no dropdown list based on address hierarchy.

Thank you. Hoping for immediate response to the admins…

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Hi @ryanopenmrs,

What is the value of the bahmniOfflineSync.strategy GP on your system (see here)? In other words: what offline sync strategy do you use?

We do achieve this with the Cambodia distro, but I realise that we have developed a custom sync strategy on a fork: AddressEntriesSyncStrategy

@mksrom do you remember why?

Hi @mksd, good day, thanks for replying. I have configure it as
bahmniOfflineSync.strategy = org.bahmni.module.bahmniOfflineSync.strategy.LocationBasedSyncStrategy

my address hierarchy does not work well,

even if I create new patient on bahmni connect, the patient does not pull the generated ID, when I checked the address it does not have a autofill to select. But when you search on the BAHMNI, it appears to have the new patient with id saved already.

I have tried all remedies on the bahmni wiki for bahmni-connect but still no success.

Could you please point me to the right direction to get it going. Thank you.

Are you in a position to debug LocationBasedSyncStrategy (and before that here) to understand why the filter is not set?