Bahmni connect app take more time for load the patient consultation page

In the functionality of Bahmni connect/offline, I have configured that user should navigate from Registration first page to Patient consultation in the clinical module on the start of the visit.

In Bahmni Connect app for loading, the Patient consultation page takes around 1 minute 15 sec, In the Bahmni online takes 15 to 20 sec to load the Patient consultation page.

I am not getting what problem the app is causing to load the patient consultation page.

Tablet(Device) details:

  • Ram: 2 GB.

  • Android: 5.1

  • CPU: 1.3 Ghz Quad Core

Total events 3500.

Registration first page :

Patient consultation page:

Is anyone has faced this problem, please suggest any solution or workaround this.

  • Have you done any sort of analysis using devtools - like memory snapshots, number of calls made to sqllite during dashboard or observation tabs (assuming you are using the android app)? that should help you to narrow down.
  • What data sizes are you dealing with? number of patients, data etc?

Its only supposition but try different options like below.

  1. try minimal configuration for dashboard.
  2. try to not to set so many forms by default (on left pane). also don’t “pin” so many of them. Many forms pinned, means more config and data to load up.
  3. try reducing contents of a form. Bigger form will take more data/metadata processing.
  4. try limiting coded answers, setmembers if you are using conceptSetUI based forms.
  5. Use Forms 2.0 forms.