Bahmni code changes in CentOS

Hi, Am new to Bahmni, I have installed 0.91 on Centos 6.9. I would to make changes on code. I dont have Vargrant box. How do I how this under Centos.

What code changes do you want to make and where?

If you want mainly for purpose of development/debugging

  • the means depends on what you want to modify. (service side modules, client side apps etc)

Assuming you want to modify some code on Bahmniapps, its pretty much same as explained in the documentation, just that your symlinked folders will be from another location.

Hi, I get the error below on patient serach screenm, after removing some person attributes. When I did some digging, I was told to edit some code. I would resolve this? Is there faster way I can resolve this without going the developer way. Can I use JSON editor to do this?

Invalid Attribute In Patient Attributes [givenNameLocal, middleNameLocal, familyNameLocal] [Invalid Attribute In Patient Attributes [givenNameLocal, middleNameLocal, familyNameLocal]]

  • what are you trying to achieve? show/not show some attributes?
  • when and where do you see the error?

if its just about removing the above attributes, go to /opemmrs/admin/index.html and retire (not delete) the person attribute type.