Bahmni Clinical Consultation Navigation Redesign

Hi All,

We are looking to redesign the Clinical App in Bahmni to make it more intuitive. The idea is to keep the user on single screen and avoid moving in and out of the consultation tab. So the users remember the screen on which they are present.

Here is a mock up of our initial thoughts:

The following are the suggested changes:

  • Introducing home button, letting user to go to app dashboard directly.
  • ‘Patient’s list’ will be changed from an icon (button) to a Tab
  • Patient dashboard will available as a tab along with other Consultation screen Tabs
  • Consultation button will been removed and the tabs inside it will be brought outside along with the dashboard tab
  • The patient specific actions will be available beside the SAVE button.
  • The actions non-specific to patients will be available on the top most right corner - Print, IPD Module etc.

Note: The icons on the mock up are for representation. Better Icons are under consideration.

We are looking for suggestions, comments and opinions on this. Also it might be helpful to highlight any dependancies that we might encounter. Thoughts?

I think there are very good ideas here.

  1. The Home button is very useful.

  2. Once a patient is active, keeping the major patient-specific sections (Dashboard, orders, diagnosis perhaps – see below) easily available and always present in the anchored outer frame helps make the system more consistent to the users.

  3. I do think there are major patient-specific sections and smaller functions beneath them. Under Orders, you may want lab orders, microbiology orders, radiology orders, and possibly medication orders (prescriptions) as well. Diagnosis naturally goes with other things such as follow-up scheduling or instructions. Observations could include vital signs, text notes, review of systems (other symptoms). Then there will need to be a Results section for lab and test results, with a couple of sub-functions there too, maybe major sections for Demographics or Visit History. If you try and put all these items and their sub-functions on one line, you may run out of space.

  4. Having the patient tab visually flowing into the functions is good visually, but it leaves a lot of empty space on the top line – and you don’t want to use that space to keep many patients open at once, that has been shown to be dangerous.

  5. You could, for example, put the major patient functions next to the (enlarged) patient name on the top row, and then for whichever major function is chosen, the second row could have the relevant sub-functions – basically, a menu that is already exploded to see all the sub-functions. That would still be consistent with your desire to keep people from moving in and out of various screens. Your patient search could go with a few other multi-patient or practice-wide functions (weekly or monthly reports, HIV reports, etc.) as a single major section on the top.

  6. Be careful with too many small icons, they get pretty confusing. It is often less confusing to use text labels on the buttons instead, for all but the most common items.

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Thanks a lot @jteich. Thats very good feedback.

I like the idea of using the top bar for “primary functions” and lower one for secondary ones. The space will be better utilised, and in addition we didn’t want to open tabs for more than one patient to avoid an erroneous entry against the incorrect patient.

Agree with all your points. We wanted to also check with folks if they think this re-design is: a) Really good to have!! or b) Its OK – I don’t really care.

If most people believe its (a), and that makes Bahmni Clinical module more intuitive, then we may prioritize this for v0.90/v0.91 depending on the teams bandwidth, and estimates for implementing this feature.

How does multiple dashboards look like ? Does the feature of configuring multiple patient dashboard remain the same ?

How are these actions non specific to a patient. On click of the IPD Button will open the IPD dashboard for the same patient. Could you elaborate on patient specific and patient non specific actions.

@sravanthi17 We were thinking of sub tabs under the Dashboard. So when we click on the dashboard tab, there would be multiple tabs for General, Patient summary etc., based on what is configured. We do not have a mock up of it as of now. Will upload it once we have it.

The IPD icon for patient specific action will take the user to the Patient ADT page. While the IPD icon which is non patient specific, will behave like the Inpatient app on the home dashboard and take the user to the Patient queues.

Thanks @jteich for the comments. They are very helpful. The suggestion of utilising the space beside the Patient name for major patient specific functions is something we should think about and analyse further.