Bahmni Apps: Webcam plugin title not translated

Hi guys!

There is a weird behaviour on my Bahmni where the title of the photo/webcam plugin does not translate in the correct language.

(know this Tshirt? OpenMRS Uganda 2016!! :smiley: )

The TAKE_PATIENT_PHOTO_TITTLE key is correctly provided (yes, with the typo in it).

And anyway the symptom is not the one of a missing key, it really displays the whole Angular declaration {{ 'TAKE_PATIENT_PHOTO_TITTLE'|translate }}. A missing key would display the key only.

This does is not reproduce on the demo, and there is no other place where this happens. Any idea what could cause this?

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Thanks @mksd for the help troubleshooting this. We were able to identify that the issue comes from this specific commit:

@sumanmaity112 would you have a moment to investigate this?

Hi @mksrom, Will try to look into this in weekend

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Hi @mksrom, I tried to fix the issue. But for some reason its not supporting any Angular operation. So, maybe we have to check more.

OK, thanks for having looked into it. Did you create a JIRA issue for this already?

Nope, I didn’t created any jira issue

Created BAH-518: Bahmni Apps Webcam plugin title is not translated