(Bahmni) Appointments widget in Core Apps

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Hi @mogoodrich, @ssmusoke, @dkayiwa and others,

We want to add one more Angular widget to Core Apps that displays information about appointments… but those of Bahmni Appointments. Meaning that it will leverage this backend: https://github.com/Bahmni/openmrs-module-appointments

This will most likely mean that Core Apps will become ‘aware of’ Bahmni Appointments and that there will be at least a conditional bean hanging somewhere. This widget will not be configured to show up by default, only if implementers decide to make it appear on their dashboards.

Would you be ok with this code to live in Core Apps?

Cc @mddubey @rrameshbtech

Am perfectly happy with such a change. :slight_smile:

Thanks, @mksd, and @dkayiwa,

I have created a card here. We will assign it once we pick it up.

CC: @rrameshbtech

@mksd I do not see an issue with that however I would like to suggest that you add an issue for a feature harvest for the specific end-point and functionality into the OpenMRS appointment module that way the aware of is temporary

@ssmusoke so you see an issue :wink: However what is it? ‘Aware of’ is specifically a non intrusive pattern.

We want everything in one place, in which case Core Apps looks like the most natural and convenient host.

We can’t put it in the ASUI module, it will not be used, nor will be AS. Alternatively we could put it in the Bahmni Appointments module, but this was not a preferred option because we wanted to keep that module backend-only (like AS is basically).

Not really an issue, my suggested approach is make it work today, but plan to remove the dependency over time :wink: as the Bahmni appointments should eventually be harvested out of existence

Thanks a lot @mozzy for actually adding this new widget!! That’s quite amazing. :1st_place_medal:

We’re testing it right now:

Just realised that the icon isn’t quite right, @sukreet this is just a configuration issue right?


yes @mksd . Sure thats just a configuration issue.

@mozzy also I wrote this on the ticket but let’s renamed the widget to "bahmni-appointments-list", could you do a follow-up PR/commit?

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looking at how the rest of the widgets are named , i think "bahmniappointmentslist" would be more uniform to the rest of the widgets naming

Then let’s keep it shorter to "bahmniappointments".

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i made a follow up commit here , @sukreet , can you please first test it out ??

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Tested it, Works fine.

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