Bahmni Appointments Module - Translation

Hi guys,

me and my team are implementing Bahmni in an upcoming project in a french speaking country - so we are doing some translation affords on transifex and are facing a problem which you might help us with.

As you can see on the screen

most of the text can easily be translated using the i18n locale_fr.json. Unfortunately the days and months in the List view are not included.

In chrome I investigated the element:

29 Jan, Mon

Where can I find the variables to include them in the local json file? I also tried to change my browsers language but it didn’t change…

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

HI @gernot,

This is currently is not state forward. To enable localization for date you have to make some code changes. You can check this on GitHub.

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Thanks for pointing this out. We have been quite busy i18n-ing Bahmni Apps for one of our implementations but the date issue had not come across… yet.

Anyway it seems that both

  • a filter must be used on the date, and
  • the ad-hoc localization script (for the target locale) must be loaded.

See this article ‘AngularJS Internationalization’ for example (that’s from a very quick Googling).

As far as I know this is not currently done in Bahmni Apps.


Localizing dates is done through moment.js, which is included in the openmrs-module-bahmniapps/ui/app/components when you install the UI dependencies.

As @sumanmaity112 mentioned, you need to include the appropriate code line in the app for it to be enabled (if it is not already there).

Hi @ahosny, @angshuonline, @mksd ,

Localization for appointment module in bahmni app is done.It will available as part of v0.91.

You can check it here.


@sumanmaity112 can you update this doc on internationalization please? Feel free to add anything missing on Appointment scheduling and status.

Is there a way to get localization?

Are you looking for specific language packs for Bahmni? Which version of Bahmni are you using? See this: Bahmni localization