Bahmni Appointment Status customization

Hi Team, I have a use case where I want to customize the default bahmni appointment status. So currently the status options that bahmni provides are:-

  1. Scheduled
  2. Check-In
  3. Complete
  4. Missed
  5. Cancel

and I want to change them to

  1. Confirmed
  2. Canceled
  3. Rebooked
  4. No Show

Can we achieve this use case here

Hi @rkdoc1 Its not possible to change the Appointment status names. The values are hardcoded in both UI and backend code base. It would require development effort to change the status names.

But I am curious to know that why do you want the change in the status names. It’s just names that you are looking forward for change or the functionality along with the status names.

My client has asked to change the status names.

The status are enums and fixed. but you can always change the labels if its just visual indication that you want.

Yes I want to change the visual indication

can you please share the path from where we can achieve this with the help of configs?


Got it, thank you so much for the response.