Bahmni Appointment Scheduling installed But Can't get UI to Manage Appointments

Hi everyone, I’m facing issues after installing the Bahmni appointment module, I’m unable to see where I can create service types or even manage appointments.

Please is the something I will need to do in order to get this?

Using Openmrs 2.3.3, MySQL 5.7, OS: Ubuntu and tomcat9

I have also tried to upload the appointment scheduling module and the appointment scheduling UI module.

For the appointment scheduling model (1.16.0), I get the error

Error while trying to start module Unable to update data model using liquibase.xml. Module: Appointment Scheduling Module

Please need help resolving this.

Which version of the serialization module are you running?

version 0.2.15

Can you share the full server side log via

Here is the server logs

You can only have one of either the Bahmni appointments module or the appointment scheduling module installed at the same time. They both try to create an “Appointments” table with a different schema, so installing both at the same time doesn’t work.

The Bahmni appointments module by itself doesn’t have an UI. The UI for Bahmni Appointments can be found in this repo. You might be able to use the Bahmni Appointments Docker image published by Mekom here or look at the Apache HTTPD configuration used to get an idea of how to serve it outside of the Bahmni context.

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Okay, thanks. I will look into this.

@ibacher following what you gave as steps, I pulled the docker image and also tried to run it but the server did not start with logs here.

so I decided to test/work with the openmrs appointment module, which works well and also uses the appointment scheduling UI module. My worry now is the fact that my implementation is on the tomcat server and I’m consuming my backend with the 3. x frontend, which gives a 404 for appointments on the patient chart page. Please how do I fix this

The appointments widget in the patient chart only works with the openmrs-module-appointments backend (Bahmni appointments), not the openmrs-module-appointmentscheduling backend. These backends have different data models, different REST APIs and are not usable together, so you would need to build a new MF that provided an appointments widget for talking to the openmrs-module-appointmentscheduling backend.

Okay, but still have an issue, using the openmrs-module-appoint (Bahmni appointment) I can’t create service types and so I can’t locate them when scheduling appointments, this is the reason I fall on the openmrs-module-appointmentscheduling.

Also, I notice that on the MF menu tab when I click on Appointment Scheduling, it tries to locate the openmrs-module-appointmentschedulingui. here.

So How do I get to create service types if I’m using openmrs-module-appointment. (Bahmni appointment) that’s my worry.