Bahmni and OpenERP Drugs Stock Flow


I am pretty new on this product (and wishing I can fully utilize this product instead of creating one from scratch). Basically I’d like to know how and when the OpenERP knows if a particular drug has been deducted during patient visit in the pharmacy.

This is what I have tried to so far

  • Create new patient
  • On the medication tab of the patient I added the drug oder
  • Dispensed the particular drug (Aceclofenac 100mg (Tablet))
  • Then I checked in OpenERP and seeing the amount of “Quantity on Hand” & “Actual Stock” are still the same (not deducted whatsoever)

What am I missing here ? Is it possible the stock to be deducted automatically once the patient prescribed with a particular drug ?

Looking forward to hear the information from you guys.

Hi @abiieez,

Where did dispense the drug? Was it on Bahmni i.e by checking the “D” button? The Bahmni Drug Order flow :

  1. Doctor prescribes a drug on Bahmni Medication Tab

  2. The Drug Order syncs to OpenERP(Odoo), and creates a Quotation automatically under the shop(which is linked to Login location of User) to track the shop/location specific stock

  3. The patient/ attendant goes to Pharmacy for collecting the drugs

  4. The Billing person/ Pharmacist upon checking the Quotation for this patient in Quotations, opens the it and confirms it creating Sale Order and dispenses the Drugs. And accordingly, the stocks will be updated in that particular shop/location in OpenERP/Odoo.

  5. Now to indicate this information on Bahmni that the Drugs have been dispensed the Pharmacist opens Bahmni Medication Tab where he only has access to click on Dispense (“D”) Button.

I hope this makes it clear that clicking on “D”, doesn’t have effect in OpenERP/Odoo. Instead the Quotation needs to be confirmed to make it Sale order. You can refer Bahmni Wiki.