Bahmni and CentOs...future..!

Hi Guys…

With the CentOs and recent IBM/Redhat announcement with no more development and upgrade paths…what’s happening to the the openmrs and Bahmni…linux base.

Will there be a switch to different distribution… I really hope the Bahmni 0.93…will take this into consideration for future updates.

I won’t be confident…using a distribution with no upgrade path…I know Rocky Linux is being considered…will it be mature…? Will I trust my vast medical data…on a distribution that’s not going to be well supported…

Thoughts please.


What should be happening is simply to properly Dockerize Bahmni in a way that stops relying on CentOS.

As a matter of fact this has been done by various groups (including ourselves at @MekomSolutions). There’s no technical hurdle anymore but this Dockerization isn’t part of the official Bahmni release as of yet.

Or is it @buvaneswariarun?

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You are right @mksd, Dockerizing Bahmni is not in scope for 0.93. @nsmalipatil - Thanks for bringing this up and we completely resonate with your concern here. Kindly join this week’s PAT call and we can discuss this issue.

@mksd Docker image still needs a base, doesn’t it? If your base is centos distro of some sort, you will need to update that as well. We would very happy for you to contribute towards dockerization. lead the way!

@nsmalipatil CentOS LTS for 7.4 is available till 2024, I think and I think for v8 its 2028. And yes, rest assured that we will start working on alternate platform. The world loved CentOS, its still early days – there is already talk of CentOS stream and Rocky Linux! We will have to wait a bit and see how things evolve.

Bahmni always provided independence at every distribution layer - while docker will feature prominently in our plans, we will keep providing other means of packaging (rpm for example).

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@angshuonline you mean as done here:

FROM centos:6.6


If so, not, no more monolithic approach. We are talking about a “microservice” approach with each service as such:

the link you pointed above - is not the approach as well. that was a poor man’s solution to having a docker container or a possible image with using the same bahmni distro scripts. we do not advise using that.

For the links that you posted from mekom repos, I am assuming they are from some base minimal debian distro. the installations are different though - like you guys use the war packages directly. we would have used the rpm (or a deb package)

IMHO, thats no microservice. its analogous to running different systems on different containers. No MS architecture, lets not call it that.

Just out of curiosity @angshuonline do we have have any particular hard dependency on CentOS which could make it difficult for someone to make a switch to another OS.

not really, only the provisioning scripts are using the rpms. you can

  1. use the wars, jars, etc directly. it does mean that you will have tons of steps to really automate.
  2. Existing provisioning scripts can potentially (ideally) work on other platforms with some work
  • ideally we should just abstract out the deployment using ansible modules
  • change some of the CentOS specific OS script (locations, commands) if any. Likely to be small
  • Fair bit of testing with all possible combinations

any plans to have Debian packages as well?