Bahmni ABDM integration - Why such a heterogeneous tech stack?

Bahmni has a heterogeneous tech stack (AngularJS, ReactJS, Java, mySQL, Python, PostgreSQL, pgbackrest, and many other smaller systems/frameworks etc.

ABDM integration introduces .NET Core making it further diverse (/inclusive?) tech stack.

Will it not make the installation, enhancement, and maintenance more difficult?

It was forked from ProjectEKA’s HIP Service. You can very well replace that with a Java ref implementation, just that it would take some time.


As mentioned in Bahmni and ABDM Workflows video, I could complete the ABHA ID Capture and Verification Step using NDHM React. Assuming that this step captures the demographic data only based on QRC and does not connect to ProjectEKA’s HIP Service.

Does the patient profile gets shared with ABDM when a medication order is placed or on closing the visit? Could you please point to the Bahmni code where it consumes ProjectEKA’s HIP Service?