Bahmni 0.92 Packages Fail to Install on CentOS 7.6


I am new to the platform. I need urgent help concerning my fresh installation of Bahmni version 0.92 on centos 7.6. After installing fresh centos 7.6 installation, I used step for installing fresh Bahmni 0.92 on this page: Bahmni installer package was successful installing. I followed the next installation processes to install bahmni accordingly:

#You can also configure custom inventory file instead of local. echo “export BAHMNI_INVENTORY=local” >> ~/.bashrc source ~/.bashrc

Now fire the installer

bahmni install 

After run the command Bahmi install, the process started but end up abruptly without installation of other packages. I tried to verify installed components packages using the command:

yum list installed | grep bahmni only returned:

bahmni-installer.noarch 0.92-147 installed

was displaced as only installed package. Please I need your help. Thanks