Bahmni 0.92 integration with OPENIMIS

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I am facing issue in integration of Bahmni with OPENIMIS for insurance.

I have followed complete guide as per below:

While I register a Patient with NHIS, that NHIS number doesn’t appear in Odoo as shown here:

Furthermore, insurance tab in Odoo is not shown.

All installation were successful and installed as per guide.

Please help me here.


@sanjayap @suruchi please help out guys. Been waiting on this for so long. Need little guidance as I have already completed all steps for integration as per guides given.

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Hi @hassan sorry for the late response here, i have mentioned @laxman @laxmanm7 here in the thread and have aligned with the context. Thanks

@laxman Please reply. Awaiting your kind response.

@hassan , Did you login in OpenMRS> Administration and add [Manage Person Attribute Types] as below:

NAME* NHIS Number, Format* Java.lang.String, Searchable enable check mark and add Description as required eg: NHIS Number

Thanks, Yes NHIS related attributes are already there.