Bahmni 0.90 UAT Bugs

We will be releasing Bahmni 0.90 soon and before that we will be doing two Release candidates. For more details visit this post. Please use this thread to only to communicate and highlight bugs to bring it to the attention of the people involved in the release : @angshuonline, @sruti, @shruthipitta, @shashikanth , @binduak and @mksd . Thanks

First of all, nice work on the appointments! So great to finally have this feature in Bahmni.

I can’t say that I have seen bugs, but some inconveniences. Should I share them too, or we are only looking for more serious defects to be reported here?

@mksd I think it’s worth sharing at least the short version of feedback about inconveniences here, so we don’t lose the info.

I also have comments about Appointment Scheduling (mostly UI nitpicking, but some actual issues). And I should say first that I really like the feature!

Actual issues:

  • I am allowed to “Check In” or mark “Missed” for an appointment that’s 4 days in the future. This seems wrong.
  • Clicking on an existing appointment in the calendar, “Add new appointment” should be visually set apart in some way to indicate that it means adding a different appointment for a different patient in the same time slot. (Because I first assumed it meant to make an additional future appointment for this same patient.)
  • adding a new appointment, if I enter the start time as “10:00 am” then it autofills the end time, but if I type “10:00am” (no space) then it doesn’t autofill the end time.
  • When I edit an appointment and change its time (within the same block) the pre-move time for the appointment itself is still considered to be booking a slot (in “7 Slots Available out of 8 Slots, 1 Slots Booked”). I guess this would be confusing if you were moving an appointment within a full block.
  • In Admin -> Services I would want to see a bit more inline documentation of what the different fields are for (especially for the things that you can either fill out at the service level, or the availability / appointment type level)
    • I see this is documented in the implementers guide in this page. I would suggest that we have a “Service Availability Modes” section that describes both modes in general, before saying how to use them. (I would call them Simple and Advanced.)

UI Inconveniences:

  • In the list view, lots of columns are invisible until i scroll. If we must have it this way, I would personally think the column order should be like: Status, Specialty/Service/Appointment Type (collapsed into a single column?), Patient Name, Start time, End time, Provider, etc. Date isn’t required since we’re specifically showing one day’s appointments.
  • When I click on the calendar or the Add New Appointment button, I would expect the patient search (i.e. the first field) to be autofocused
  • I didn’t realize I could click on the calendar to add a new appointment. There should be some visual indication (e.g. tooltip or changing mouse pointer)
  • the provider dropdown isn’t great UX, as it includes things like Billing System
  • When adding a new appointment
    • we are using a slide-in effect, but the behavior is modal. In this case I would expect a grayed-out overlay over the rest of the screen.
    • the icon in the top right to close is a >>. This seems to me like “collapse” instead of “close”
    • when you click Cancel, the warning text would be clearer as “Discard changes?” with options “Cancel” and “Keep Editing”
    • also, ideally don’t show the warning if the user hasn’t entered anything
  • I would expect to be able to see available times for a given service in the calendar.
  • The Filter widget is not intuitive. “Show Selected” needs more words to indicate what it’s for. Is the Search box for searching among services? I’m surprised if I click Apply Filter with nothing selected, and this just shows all appointments. (I.e. if there’s no selection and thus it isn’t actually going to filter, the apply filter button should be disabled)

Minor issues:

  • (Same as Darius) I was able to mark a future appointment as ‘missed’, does that make sense?
  • After marking it as missed, I didn’t find any way to revert this, is that intended? What are the options in case of incorrect appointment status changes?
  • IMO switching to/from calendar/list views should not make any server calls.
  • Getting the ‘You may have unsaved changes’ upon clicking on ‘Cancel’ even when nothing was entered at all. That’s actually quite annoying.
  • Calendar view, clicking on an appointment. The popup status shows with the possible actions buttons. When I click out of it to make it go away (without having done anything else than showing the popup), the throbber shows up. In that situation one would expect to get back to the calendar view right away without any server calls.


  • Would be nice if “9am” could be understood (rather than forcing the proper “9:00 am”) when recording the start and end times of appointments.
  • In list view it seems that the status is not really visible. We can really see the status in calendar view only. Is the list view intended to be just a print preview?

Regarding the feedback from Darius about

  • the provider dropdown isn’t great UX, as it includes things like Billing System

One of the solution is to have a configuration for list of providers and add all the required providers who has to show up in appointment scheduling in that configuration. This should not take much time to fix. Please let us know your thoughts.

Created another topic: Provider List in appointment scheduling screen where I have suggested a tentative solution.

Can you create a card for this?