Bahmni 0.90 installation error "yum lock"

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While installing Bahmni 0.90 on CentOS 6.9, bahmni install was failing repeatedly with “Another app (PackageKit) is currently holding the yum lock” error. As suggested here, I disabled PackageKit in /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/refresh-packagekit.conf, setting enabled=0 and re-ran bahmni install with success. Bahmni EMR UI, OpenELIS and OpenERP seem to be working fine.

So the question is: Is there any better way to resolve this error? Can the installer take care of handling/ avoiding this error?

  yum install yum-utils
  yum-complete-transaction --cleanup-only

The above commands would release the lock.

No. You have to trigger bahmni install command again.

I think the question is could the installer be made to handle this scenario?

I’m not familiar with yum, so I don’t know what this error indicates. And, is it something that other people have experienced?

no @darius. Our Bahmni installer doesn’t handle the issues related to yum package manager.

@binduak, I had tried this, as suggested here too, but it did not help. It said “no incomplete transaction”.

this one solved my problem, thanks @binduak :slight_smile: