Bahmi installation error

dear all

i have tried to install Bahmni on centos however having some issue while installing, showing some mysql error, i wanted to know prerequisite of installation of Bahmni

should i have to install mysql,postgre, Tomcat , before processing installation of Bahmni ? please help me to understand. i would like to this this product to rural community health care soon as a none profit fashion. thanks.

No, you don’t need any of those dependencies pre-installed. It will come automatically with the Bahmni installer.

Can you please post the output of the following commands?

# 1

# 2
ifconfig -a

# 3 
cat /etc/bahmni-installer/setup.yml

hi janux

as you can see the output of those syntax on terminal could you please read the error what it actually causing this behavior. thanks

Best Regard Tej Bhandari

Please also post the out put of the following command, which checks your CentOS version.

cat /proc/version

Do you know that there is a video with a step by step guide for the installation process? This was also very useful for me.

It is improbable to do the fix but you could try to run this command and then re-run the installation:

yum update

Can you please post the output of the following command?


hi Janux

as you can see below screenshot

Best Regard Bhandari

I would create a snapshot of my VM with the current state and then try out any conceivable thing. After a breaking change I then can go back to the snapshot and start again.

E.g., what happens if you install packages directly from the package manager?

# If `nano` is not yet installed, the following command should just print out nothing
which nano

# Install an arbitrary program with the package manager
yum install nano -y

# Install some of the packages mentioned above by hand, just for testing purposes
yum install mysql-community-common -y
yum install mysql-community-server -y

P.S.: You could also clear your screen with the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + L”.

hi janux

thank you for your input here, yeah i used to do taking snapshot of VM, usually what i do is cloning VM sometime if i needed to deploy another VM i used to export that clone VM instead of installing new VM

here still i’ struggling installation of Bahmni gathering info from dev people hope it will sort out soon

thank you for sharing knowledge, i appreciate you

Best Regard Bhandari

Did you try the steps above? Even though the MySQL packages ought to be installed from the Bahmni installer, it could help to narrow down the problem cause.