Bacteriology unable to load getting liquibase errors

I am trying to run bahmni on top of openmrs 2.1.1 . I have been able to load all the dependent modules of bahmni core. Only bacteriology remains which gives me this error log is attached. @rnjn

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The error message says that the add_concept stored procedure doesn’t exist. I guess you did not install Bahmni via the normal means?

(I think the latest definition of that procedure is here.)

@darius thanks for the response . After adding the procedure manually still giving me the same error.


Are you sure it’s exactly the same error? E.g. surely creating the procedure resolves this:

Caused by: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: PROCEDURE openmrs.add_concept does not exist

Solved… add_concept_set_members procedure was also missing. Thanks

@darius would you please guide me how will i be able achieve sync between openerp and openmrs. I added openmrs atomfeed module which records the events now how can i make it consumable to openerp. I know xmlrpc comes into play for creation of objects. Just i cant understand how to consume these event records to make objects on openerp…

If you’re asking how to replicate what Bahmni has done, I would suggest looking at the existing Bahmni wiki and code.

@darius Is it possible to use the existing Bahmni code to acheive the synchronization between openmrs odoo and openELIS. We have developed the Client Side application in Angular according to our use case.Now we are trying to achieved the same thing as Bahmni did In case of odoo and openelis. In our case it will be odoo11. Do we continue to use openmrs as backend our changed our backend to Bahmni? What are your suggestion about this what is best approach for our solution.