[Bacteriology] Deleting images or videos from bacteriology tab should delete the files in the path as well

Hi @mseaton

In observations tab, when we delete a video or an image obs we have to delete the file instead of just marking
it voided. We have fixed it as part of https://bahmni.atlassian.net/browse/BAH-57. However if we have to do a similar thing for bacteriology, we probably have to fix it in the omod. We have a separate jira issue created for this.

Thanks @shruthipitta

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Thanks @mogoodrich!

@shruthipitta Can you please give the steps to reproduce this issue? Also please give the detailed description.

@shilpa In bacteriology tab if there is a concept of image or video type and when we upload a image it is saved in a certain path on the server. Next time when we delete the image from UI the corresponding obs is voided but the actual file never gets deleted which creates a lot of dangling files. So as part of the previous issue BAH-57 we fixed it by deleting the file as well when we delete from UI in observation tab. As part of the current issue we need to fix it when we save values from bacteriology tab well. This needs to be done in bacteriology OMOD. Please let me know if you need more information.