[BACKUP/RESTORE] Moving everything from Vagrant test machine to CentOS server (for dummies)

Hi everyone! I know that on this forum most of you are developers. But I also think that this piece of software is great for coding-naive dummies like myself. No commercial EMR can offer me what I already managed to create with Bahmni. And I’m just starting. But the help section is not that easy to understand and follow on a number of topics. This is why I propose to you all to take into consideration the need for some simple and concise tutorials on the most important topics. This way Bahmni will be more accessible and also gain more popularity. This is of course something that could benefit everyone involved, developers and users alike.

I propose this topic, of transferring data to a server, because here is where I got stuck. Before reaching this point I could find some way of addressing previous issues but this seems way to complicated for the likes of me.

So, like most newbies, I have a Vagrant box where I added a few Concepts, I created a bunch of Observation templates and I configured a Dashboard layout that perfectly fits my needs. But now I want to move everything on a server (that I need to configure from scratch) and access my Bahmni remotely from two different locations (2 clinics). In doing so I obviously need to backup everything but the article (https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BAH/pages/114729037/Backup+Restore+commands) is somewhat confusing and upon issuing the bahmni -i local backup --backup_type=all --options=all command I don’t know what I’m actually doing there and where is the backup file located if one is even made. Also the server configuration part is pretty scary. I know this is basic stuff but if someone can contribute even with documentation (forum talks on the subject, existing online tutorials etc) that would be of great help. In the end I intend to compile everything and eventually post an online tutorial myself. But I do need some expert input on this, I need your help.

Sorry for the long post and many thanks for your time and effort!