Azure Windows server - deployment


I’m looking to install this on Azure windows stack. After looking at the Technology stack I understand that its developed on Java, Angular… etc Reference here

With this thought process can is there any obvious reason why it cannot be installed on Windows Servers ?

I want to put this on cloud Azure -Windows stack.

Any help in this regards will be highly appreciated.

Thanks Swat

There is no reason it can not be done. Just the simple fact - that we haven’t had time to really work on the automated scripts for provising, deployment for other platforms. You can always do this manually - @binduak did that once and probably can help you with pointers. Alternate option is to use Docker on Azure, which now is supported I think.

@singhswat the only supported platform for Bahmni is CentOS, and the release packaging and installer is built for this.

The general recommendation for other server platforms is to run CentOS on a VM and install on that.

The underlying technologies are not limited to CentOS or to linux. We run some of the CI and QA servers using docker, or you could conceivably install the different Bahmni components individually, though I would recommend strongly against this, for maintenance/support purposes.

This is our wiki page about Running Bahmni on Docker, though this is still in its early phases and it’s not technically supported.