Awesome n-curses frontend to git called tig

I do a good deal of my development lately using vim – and live in my console.

I found this awesome frontend to git called tig which is installable via Homebrew (for OS X) and apt (for debian-like systems such as Ubuntu and derivatives of Ubuntu such as Linux Mint)

For OS X:

brew install tig

For debian derivatives such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint:

sudo aptitude install tig 


 sudo apt-get install tig

Add the following to your .gitconfig [alias] section

  tig = !tig

Now to get tig you can do git tig (while in a git repo such as openmrs and see the following (here is id dashboard in tig :

I simply typed:

git tig


@r0bby nice tool :slight_smile:

@harsha89 I found it totally by accident – a guy who had it in his .gitconfig and i got curious what it was and I am so glad I did :smiley:

@r0bby Really! Such a good finding by a accident :smile: , very useful tool indeed.

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