Available documentation for the OpenMRS 2.0 Android client

I’m a researcher at Johns Hopkins University and I’m working on a project that’s only recently adopted OpenMRS. We’re developing an android client for a telemedicine application that interfaces with our OpenMRS server.

I was hoping to find more documentation about the 2.0 android client other than the one wiki page. I’ve been going through the repo and looking into the current functionality of the client.

@raff, could you point me in the right direction? Also, would you know if anyone is actively working on this project right now? Or is the ionic project more active?

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Hi Neha,

I haven’t heard of the other project before.

The 2.x client is being developed by volunteers and there wasn’t much activity over the last year. Currently, it is considered for Google Summer of Code 2016 (GSoC) so we may be able to add a bunch of new features. Thanks to that it is also getting new contributors right now, who are willing to be selected for GSoC.

Please see the User manual section of the wiki page you found, where you can see a pdf, which covers most of what has been implemented so far. Also please refer to https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/projects/OpenMRS+Android+Client+-+GSoC+2016 for the features we plan to add as part of GSoC 2016.

By the way there’s also the OpenMRS iOS client, which currently has more features than the Android client. Please see https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/OpenMRS+iOS+Client