Automated test with cypress and cucumber

Hello friends, i’m trying out automated testing using cypress and cucumber but am stack. Since we are running the test inside the GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-ocl-client: OCL Client for OpenMRS repository and not GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-contrib-qaframework where we already have cypress installed do I still need to run npm install --save-dev cypress-cucumber-preprocessor to install both cypress and cucumber a fresh or is there a way I can install cucumber alone?


cc: @ibacher

So, we’re definitely going to be writing the automation tests for the OpenMRS Dictionary Manager (is this the name we landed on? Sorry I missed the call today!) in the repository for that project rather than the openmrs/openmrs-contrib-qaframework repository. Once OCLOMRS-995 is merged, it should just be a matter of updating to the latest master and running npm install.

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Thanks for the response! as I wait am learning to do things from scratch as I write a blog to guide someone who is stack like me.

My friend! I have discovered something. I don’ t need to run npm install --save-dev cypress-cucumber-preprocessor to install cucumber in cypress but instead import { Given, When, Then } from "cypress-cucumber-preprocessor/steps" to use this and other Gherkin keyword while writing these feature files.


Yes this is the new name :slight_smile: or in shorthand, just “the Dictionary Manager”