Automated QA testing for a module/tool of choice

Hi @herbert24 @k.joseph
I am Niharika Malleboyina from India. I have been working on “Bahmni” using OpenMRS. I am really interested to work on “Automated QA testing for a module/tool of choice” and want to contribute to the project. I also have gone the project requirements in the link. Can you help me out for the further process for me to contribute.


We are glad you choose openmrs community. Have you got a chance of looking through this link GSoC 2020: Warm up practices for students?

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. I am getting error in the process of setup. Can you please help me out to resolve this error.

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But for my case since I had the same issue. after following this thread I’m able to resolve my issue . And set the mysql path as default don’t create any type of DB