Attachments Module Release?

@mksd (or others) any objections to me kicking off an Attachments module release… we are attempting to get our current release of the PIH EMR as much off snapshots as possible.

Take care, Mark

There are two open tickets at least that I think should be part of the 2.0.0 release. ATT-4 and ATT-24, can we wait for their completion?

What’s your schedule for releasing PIH EMR?

Sure, no hurry, it’s not blocking us… more of a “nice-to-have” for our bookkeeping purposes and I figured I’d do it if it was ready.

Take care, Mark

In theory I wanted some big features to make up for 2.0.0:

  1. 100% RESTful. That’s almost done, or at least it will be RESTful enough :wink:
  2. UI refactoring and migration to an OWA.
  3. Some new functionalities such as those that you have helped listing (watermarking… etc).

What would make sense is to have 1 and 2. So 1. is virtually done and I hope for 2. to be done as part of GSoC 2018. Could you wait, or that’s really too long?

Keep in mind also that 2. might just not happen (as part of GSoC, say if the proposal is not selected). That would be a pity and would probably scale down the next release to include 1. only.

It’s really not a huge blocker on our end, though I’d recommend overall for more frequent, smaller releases, so I’d suggest just doing a 2.0.0 when the RESTful work is done. No reason you can’t do a 3.0 instead of a 2.1 afterwards if that’s what works best.

Take care, Mark

Sure. That makes sense. I guess I can live with

  • 2.x = RESTful (and the current UI leveraging the new/extended REST API).
  • 3.x = OWA