Attach OpenMRS JavaDocs source in IDE

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Is there a way how I can attach OpenMRS JavaDocs in my dev environment. Am interested to learn more about the OpenMRS API that I implement in my programs when dealing with OpenMRS issues
cc: @mozzy @herbert24 @jwnasambu

well we have alot of information organized around wiki and some other sources about openmrs api and its module, on a simple search about openmrs api ,you will get to pages like Modules - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki and Modules - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki that can greatly help your learning curve

I want to be able to navigate through the different OpenMRS API through the support of JavaDocs in IDE to see things behind the seen. In other words I want to embed OpenMRS JavaDocs in my IDE

importing code into your IDE should bring you the javadocs, from the ide u can generate docs like Activity: Generate a Javadoc from a sample project | Documenting APIs in eclipse , here’s an online host

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Use case:
When working with qaframework, I have a class that extends class called Page which is coded in another module. Am able to import the class and implement its functionalities but when i try to navigate to its source code, I get a message “Source not found”

you need to compile the hosting module with mvn clean install and then proceed for you to access the sources in any other project given the dependency existing

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Thanks @k.joseph it works like a charm :evergreen_tree:.