atomfeed- console not synchronizing the created lab orders from EMR g

Hello Team,often i have faced this kind of problem and not quite sure if its only happening to my sever or other community members runNing the same installation of 0.92-155. When i look at the atomfeed-consle status events, i get this error Atom feed not synching Lab orders from openmrs to Elis - kindly help on this as it has slowed my kickstart on using the system. Thanks Apuda

  1. most likely your panel is not setup properly as the log suggests - check the panel name, make sure that the the labtests it is composed of are sychronized first
  2. if you have done the default install (which has demo data) - then you can start from a clean database (for ELIS). In OpenELIS, we keep a mapping of external id references to the internal id for the tests and panels. and its likely for some reason these references are gone. I think @zouchine had faced some issue related to “references” not matching.
  • you can get around the problem by getting the empty db dump from here
  • dropping the dump in a specific location by a specific name and running bahmni installer for lab component again. See WIKI page for the advanced installation on how to use an existing db dump