Atlassian's End of Support for Bamboo Server

As we all know, Atlassian has officially announced the end of support for their server products, including Bamboo Server, by February 2024. In light of this development, it appears that our most viable alternative for Bamboo is the Bamboo Data Center. Are there any plans or considerations in motion regarding migrating Bamboo?

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Not yet. We should probably resolve the other Atlassian product first, though, and then see if we can better integrate Bamboo into the new SSO setup. Probably the first step, however, is figuring out what kind of licensing we can get.

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@jennifer or @erica could one of you reach out to the Bamboo Data Center folks to find out if we could get a free/donated license? (Note: “Bamboo Server” is what we have now, which is different from “Bamboo Data Center”)

Hi @grace

No need to reach out to anyone at Bamboo: all pricing info for Bamboo services and licensing, including Bamboo Data Center, is available online.

TL;DR: there is a discount for Bamboo Data Center for non-profits. It falls under the Atlassian Community License, for which we qualify if we don’t have it already. Between that and the discount for open source communities, we’d be able to get it for free.

Atlassian’s Community offerings include free self-managed Data Center licensing or cloud subscriptions at 75% off list price. Atlassian Access is available at no cost. To learn more, please see our Purchasing & Licensing FAQ.

Atlassian offers cloud products for free to the Open Source community. You can get more information on the Open Source License program and apply for licenses here.

Please note: Open Source Cloud is limited to the Standard plan.

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Thanks so much @jennifer! Okay so then I guess the main question I have next is, does the “Standard” plan limitation fit our needs?

@jayasanka or @dkayiwa - do you have a sense of any resourcing numbers Jen and I should be ensuring would still be provided? E.g. # of remote agents needed? I know resources have been an issue lately with getting our tests to run successfully on Bamboo, which is why I ask. But I don’t know what specifically to ask Jen to ensure which resources/how much resources we’d still have if/when we move to Bamboo Data Center.

We currently run 3 agents. We’d definitely want to keep at least that amount. There are some cases where maybe having 5 would be better, but generally 3 is more than enough.

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For Bamboo at least, I don’t believe this is offered in the cloud. From what I have read, migrating from Bamboo server to Bamboo data center is mostly about the license change - the product itself is the same. I would think a reasonable plan would be to upgrade our self-hosted Bamboo instance to the latest LTS release, and get a new non-profit license from Atlassian for Bamboo Data Center to replace our our existing license for Bamboo Server, and upgrade following the steps outlined here.

Atlassian Data Center does provide out-of-the-box SSO via SAML, OpenID Connect, and Crowd it seems. @ibacher / @burke does all of this match your understanding?

Correct. I thought we’d have to migrate Bamboo as well when I discovered the same last month (it’s just a license change and a version of locally-run Bamboo that will support SSO).