Atlassian Engage 4 Good Project Application Due February 1

Are there particular projects, workshops, or mentorship areas that Atlassians could help us with? If so, then this week, we have an opportunity to share potential projects with them via Atlassian’s Engage 4 Good program

What is this about? Each Atlassian has 5 days of “leave” each year that they can use volunteering on a project. It looks like they’ve set up “Engage 4 Good” as a way to connect or match Atlassians with organizations with projects/needs that align with Atlassians’ skills. This presentation has more information.

For example:

  • Advise us on a strategy for adding clustering support to OpenMRS
  • Developing and facilitating recorded workshops on topics that are linked to areas in our dev and omrs levels? Topics like using Confluence to keep our Wiki up to date, managing and curating tickets using Jira, etc.
  • Maybe a combination of workshop and bespoke project to help us with our website design?

If you have an idea, please share by Wednesday so we have enough time to flesh it out and submit the application by Saturday.

Thanks to @ball for bringing this opportunity up!