Atlas not displaying OpenMRS implementation locations

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Hi All,

Has anyone view the atlas recently? I observe the atlas basically shows the map without location data. Could this be browser related?

It’s a known issue – @michael and myself noticed it at OSCON – it’s related to an either missing or invalid API key. I have no idea how Atlas is structured so can’t fix it.

Hi all, @r0bby, are you sure it’s related to a missing API key ?

I was supposing it’s related to and fixed by @burke on the repo on Github, but not yet deployed to the prod server.

@alexis.duque, based on my Chrome DevTools, yes. A different error may have happened since though…

If he emails instructions on how to deploy this to staging, I will do it when I get a chance. Rollback instructions would also be great in case it fails.

This is very likely – neither of us really put forth any more effort than devtools…I used OSCON as a break and it was great.

Thanks to whoever did it. The Atlas is displaying data now.

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I just deployed the fix.

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