Atlas module not working

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Hi All, I cannot get Atlas module working in both demo application as well as in the standalone application. Any idea ?

Its been broken for a while now. The GSoC Project Atlas 3.1 that I’m currently working on aims to bring it back up.

If you’re trying to connect to a local instance of Atlas that you’re running, through the module, then you should probably look at of openmrs-module-atlas .

@heliostrike Thanks for the information. I was looking at this feature and was planning to start working on it. As per the current state of your project do you think i can setup a atlas server locally and connect the module with that ?

Yup :slight_smile:

The module is broken, and won’t do much beyond displaying the screen (and making non-existent API calls), so you could just test in the web browser.

To set it up, you may want to check out the posts on the Atlas 3.1 Talk page from 63 to 66. I currently run the server using nodemon.

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@heliostrike Thanks… i will try that and let you know

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@heliostrike Do you think i can use the Atlas server in to connect the module ? If so can you send me the details of it ?

@dilantha as @heliostrike mentioned, the atlas module is currently broken, and he’s working to get atlas working again.

It has been broken for almost 2 years.

I think is already connected to the Atlas module as seen here. But the module’s functionality won’t be working (besides display the webpage on the canvas). We’re working on fixing it. :slight_smile:

I’m assuming you want to work on ATLAS-169. To setup the environment, I followed these steps. This should start up the node server, and you can now build and test atlas from the browser. Burke described how he set it up using docker too.

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@dilantha, I’d ask @burke’s opinion if it’s a good ticket for you. I don’t know how complex the ticket can become, and I don’t want you to spend time on something if you won’t be able to progress :slight_smile:

I’d recomment you use for any of your tests, and not use a local server.

@cintiadr Thanks. That would be great. Let me know if there is any other ticket that i can work to get atlas back to life :slight_smile:

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