Atlas Module 2.0 - Final Presentation

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to get back to you, to present my work on the Atlas Project. :earth_africa:

This summer was a really nice experience, I can’t realize how many things I learnt, and fun I had. Benefits for me are huge, technically and even more humanely. :family:

So I would like to thanks everyone that can help me during this project, answering my questions, giving his feedback, chatting, and anyone else that participate in the community. I thank @Burke too for his perfect mentoring and among of time he accorded to me :+1:

I think we have reached most part of initial goals, but it left lot of work to make Atlas perfect. I can say that GSoC is a success for me - not only because code is working - but it definitely make me want to be an OpenMRS Dev :blush:

###Video Presentation

I hope this presentation will make you wan’t to contribute and your feedback is greatly appreciated !

Some pointers about the project

OpenMRS Atlas : Get the Module :

Atlas server repo : Atlas module repo :

OpenMRS Atlas Documentation : Atlas Module Documentation : Project page : Gsoc Blog :


Very nice job with this. I especially like your docker version and the thorough documentation for it. :smile:


Thanks for a wonderful GSoC 2014, @alexis_duque!