Assistance on resolving Issue REPORT-806

Hi, Im trying to convert two old controllers RunReportFormController and RunReportListController which uses SimpleFormController to use annotations. I’ve started with RunReportListController which is the the easier one. here This is how i have tried to do that.

After this change if i tried to access http://localhost:8081/openmrs-standalone/module/reporting/run/runReport.list it gives me

HTTP Status 404 - /openmrs-standalone/WEB-INF/view/module/reporting/run/runReport.jsp

Can someone please help me to understand what i’ve missed ? Thanks

Is this a ticket that you are working on?

Yes. Im working on REPORT-806

@dkayiwa any idea about this ?

Return this string from your controller method: "/module/reporting/run/runReportList”

Hi @dkayiwa Im having another issue while trying to submit the form

im getting this exception when trying to submit the form.

here is my controller. Any idea what im doing wrong here ?

Can you paste the full server side log at

@dkayiwa please check this one too

@dkayiwa Please find the full log here