Assistance and consulting

Hello community members am consulting and am requesting for assistance i would like to know after working upon a certain project how can i start earning from open mrs after completing the first project how can i be paid for that project i have completed in openmrs

@musakizito Well, no payment is made as you contribute to openmrs or any open source community but the good news is you have an opportunity to build your skills and to gain more experience in a working environment particularly developement while contributing positively to the goals and objectives of the organization.

We have many Organizations in openmrs in 40 different countries with a multi- cultural team who are willing to hire skilled and dedicated members just work smart and hard. Besides, the community has other opportunities to offer to its members like being a GSoC student (an opportunity limited to Open Source contributors)and also a fellow and all that is determined by your contribution in the community. Its from that point you can earn because you are equipped with knowledge.

Thanks so much