Assigned Tickets Allows Overriding

I am wondering whether this could be an oversight. An assigned ticket on Jira allows another user to override the current Assignee. Ideally I would think if a ticket has been assigned , it should not prompt assignment functionality [Assign to me] to another consumer.
cc: @grace @dkayiwa

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is this still happening on your side @kdaud

Yes it does

I think that will be sorted by infrastructure squad ,but its kind rare you can always assignee your self or comment on the same ticket that you are working on it

Can you share a link to the ticket?

Take a look at this ticket. I would think when a ticket has been assigned by a user(commiter), it should NOT give a provision to another user to assign to it until the current assignee opts to abandon the ticket.
Basing on a use case when another user decides to assignee the same ticket that is being consumed, the system overrides the current assignee

well the culture has been to always ask in comments whether some one is still interested in the ticket!

Is this the Infrastructure design of the system

it has been a manual process

And the design makes sense to me else an inactive user would remain assigned to the ticket forever.

Before using the option, please check with the current assignee to be sure you can take it up