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I have created a user which has only “Registration” access (kind of Hospital front Desk). How this Registration user (receptionist) can assign incoming patient(s) to a particular doctor or OPD?

Eg., A Skin patient needs to be assigned to Dr. Mishra who is a dermatologist. A toddler patient needs to be assigned to Dr. Hegde who is Pediatrician.

Hi Giridhara,

The registration clerk should start the visit for the patient by assigning them to a Department(Visit Location). In your scenario you would have to define separate visit locations as in “OPD - Pediatric”,“OPD - Dermatologist” etc. The registration clerk should begin the visit by assigning the patient to the department/visit location.

The below Wiki links should help you configure:

thanks malini for the info.

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I did the same, but at ‘registration’ I can only see ‘visit types’ not visit location. Here it is

I don’t see location which are define above. Bahmni only shows visit types.How do make ‘registration’ person to assign a new patient to a department (Location). In the below, I would like to see “start OPD-general”, ‘start OPD-Gyno’. etc. Please help.

@rpgiri2002, “Visit Location” is actually a Location Tag that indicates which of the locations in your system support visits. You can see “Visit Location” appears multiple times in the screenshots you attached.

Hi Dairus,

thanks for the reply. What settings i should make so that “Front desk” person can assign patient to “OPD-General”, or “OPD-Gyno” , or OPD-Pediatrician ? In short in bahamni I want “Front desk” to see like this in drop down menu.

start OPD-General visit start OPD Gyno visit start OPD-Pediatrician visit start OPD-Radiology visit.

thanks Giri

Hi Giridhara,

The locations you have created will be reflected on the login page dropdown. For the front desk to assign patients, you should define the above items under Visits - Manage Visit Types.

@rpgiri2002 please note, we do not have a functionality in Bahmni to assign a patient to a department or doctor directly. The solution proposed above is only a workaround to meet the requirement.