Are you using Name Phonetics module?

Does anyone know the purpose/usage/roadmap of the Name Phonetics Module? When reviewing the list of modules distributed by in the Platform and Reference Application on today’s Developer Forum, we weren’t sure how widely this module is being used.

/cc @mseaton @mogoodrich

Sorry, I have been on vacation, getting this now.

We use the Name Phonetics module in Haiti and I believe in Rwanda (we may use an earlier, custom Rwandan implementation there, I don’t 100% recall).

The short summary is that the module can be be used to search on person names using a phonetic matching algorithm like Soundex or Metaphone (

The Registration Core module is “aware of” the Name Phonetics module, and provides an implementation of “PatientNameSearch” that can search for patients phonetically when the NP module is installed. We use this in Haiti. The Ref App may use this (or have a way to use this) as well, I don’t recall.

So it is still in active use though there has been little new development on it in years, and as far as I know, no future work is currently planned.

Take care, Mark