Are there still people working on NigeriaMRS

I’m just wondering if there are still any developers working on the NigeriaMRS project. I just have some questions about the project and if there any updates on the project because from the repo on Github, I can see that the last commit message was dated at 4 years ago.

Are you looking at this? GitHub - nmrs-nigeria/openmrs-module-nigeriaemr: NMRS NDR Extration Module for NigeriaMRS

cc @ggomez

Yes, thank you. I had no idea that this particular repo existed. I’ll look into it now.

So I tried to run it using maven and I got an error and I don’t know how I can get it resolved

Hello @dkayiwa thank you for having an eye on NigeriaMRS.

@nonsoata Also, thanks for your interest in NigeriaMRS implementation. Are you looking to deploy NigeriaMRS? I am available to assist, do let me know.



@nonsoata There is an active development ongoing with NigeriaMRS in the country. Do want to have a session with the team to understand your requirements?

I’m not exactly looking to implement it. I kind of just want to explore the system because I’m new to Openmrs. I tried to clone it and build it on my system but I ran into issues as reported in the pastebin I posted earlier so I was wondering if anyone could help me with that or if I’m getting the whole installation process wrong or something.