I am working in Haiti and was thinking about adding OpenMRS to our Medical Internet In A Box ( MIIAB ). However, I didn’t see that OpenMRS was available in either French or Creole. Can someone tell me if this is the case. Thanks, Denny

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Hi @denny - My team and I all work in Haiti as well (CHARESS, UW/ITECH, and eSaude Developers). We’re working on the upgrade of iSante to iSantePlus, an OpenMRS-based distribution for the national public healthcare clinics there. We have all of the concepts in French in that distribution. Maybe that’s useful? Are you working with @hamish or PIH folks or ? Would love to coordinate efforts here for Haiti.

iSantePlus distribution in progress here:

couple of my other team members - @ccwhite23 @valvijo

In regards to Bahmni, we do organise a common trunk called “Bahmni Haiti” for three projects out there. Happy to share more about this nascent community of practise if you want to.

Cc: @devmehta @mksrom @c.guillou

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Partners In Health has French and Haitian Kreyol translations for our PIH EMR distribution (RefApp) since 2013. Diagnoses and clinician-only pages are in French (not Kreyol) since Haitian clinicians are trained in French medical terminology. We have contributed many French and Haitian Kreyol translations to OpenMRS, Transifex, and CIEL.