Arabic Language Interface

I am sorry if this was a repeated topic but I did not have time to check. Anyways, my name is Khalid Zayed. I am a medical doctor, a hospital manager and a university researcher in Cairo, Egypt. I have been working on application of EMR systems in healthcare in my country and doing a lot of research on the subject trying many other healthcare management systems but finally I chose OpenMRS to work with in my hospital and faculty. However, without an Arabic UI, it is not practical to use. Certain functions and fields must be translated to Arabic. I am not sure if OpenMRS supports RTL languages, but I when I tried to input some fields in Arabic, it worked. So, only functions need to be translated. I am not really good with programming or coding but if I get some help from professionals here, I can translate all required words to sound Arabic if there is a table or a list of concepts and functions. The medical staff can use English but other members of healthcare can use only Arabic. So, not all need to be translated and since I know exactly what needs to be translated, I maybe of help. The Middle East is a region which can benefit from this project and I think it has a big feasibility potential if Arabic is added to OpenMRS. The only reason I cannot work with it in my hospital is lack of Arabic interface. Thanks for your help

Welcome to the OpenMRS Community and we anxiously look forward to your contribution! :slight_smile:

On behalf of the community, i would like to greatly thank you for the willingness to do what you can, to make this usable, to save more lives, even in the Middle East!

In order to get started with the translation, can you take a look at this?

@dkayiwa Thank you Daniel. However, I am still lost. I was wondering if there is some kind of a list, table or glossary for all the words or concepts in the OpenMRS that I can just make it into a table and translate it because I am not an expert with the kind of files or modules that can change the language. I just expected that within a program, there must be such a list that can be converted into a file to change the language interface. Or am I wrong? Thanks for your help