April RefApp release 2018

As we wait for out tentative date for release RefApp 2.8.0 to be set, friends i wish to bring to your attention we are not doing well. Kindly, we still have issues to be worked on. I just request one minute from you to peruse through the issues and see what is worked on, what is in progress and what is not worked on. I call upon your contribution to hit the deadline remember our release is this month. Thanks


• RA-452- XSS vulnerabilities in Ref App 2.x

• RA-588 - The unknown patient notice persists after editing the demographics

• RA-930 - Retired User and Provider Accounts are counted in list of accounts, and List of Accounts Shows Retired Users

• RA-939 - Retired Forms are Shown under Manage Forms

• RA-1130- uimessage codes doesn’t work

• RA-1135- Confirmation Screen of Simple UI Form should show answer concept names

• RA-1164 - Inconsistency in “Manage Provider Schedules” and “Manage Appointment Blocks”

• RA-1352 - Demo Registration App is switching given and family names in confirmation screen (dataCanvas)

• RA-1386 - Reference Metadata fails to start

• RA-1408 - ERROR: demo.openmrs.org redirected you too many times

• RA-1416 - Identifiers are not displayed in the Section on the Patient Dashboard and not loaded on editing the section

• RA-1434- Fix converting CIEL from 1.6.x to 2.0.x for RA 2.7

• RA-1437- Dashboard widgets translations are not working

• RA-1473 - Fix broken github link for web style reference in npm registry Epic

• RA-413 - Improve UX of login + select session location

• RA-580- Demonstrate condition lists working within OpenMRS 2.2

• RA-615 - Module management

• RA-1292 - Enable modules and openmrs-core to advertise capability or functionality

• RA-1310 - Process flow and order entry for lab orders

• RA-1311 - Add process flow and entry screens for Drug Orders


• RA-134 - Support for Deceased patients

• RA-350 - Patient relationships

• RA-410 - Include XForms module in Reference Application

• RA-461 - Allow modules to override the site logo even if the reference application is running

• RA-594 - Implementations should be able to specify the identifier type to use for unknown patients

• RA-625 - Add a manage modules page

• RA-628 - Add a module by downloading it from the module repository

• RA-807- Manage Visits Types

• RA-911- Reference application modules shouldn’t allow snapshot versions when releasing

• RA-1165- Appointment Scheduling shows timezone error

• RA-1176 - Add System Info to the reference application UI

• RA-1357 - Bundle Address Hierarchy module in RA

• RA-1405-RegistrationApp: RegistrationSummaryPageController should accept “app” parameter

• RA-1427 - Include Completed OWA in RA - System Administration Improvement

• RA-381 - Implementation-defined patient reports should be available through the RA user interface

• RA-865 - Enable running OpenMRS 2.x on H2 database

• RA-950 - “Add Past Visit” and “Edit Visit” require an “End Date”

• RA-988 - Add view/edit capabilities to Reference App UI for Adding/Managing Encounters

• RA-1284 - COPY: Add view/edit capabilities to Reference App UI for Adding/Managing Encounters

• RA-1285 - Make the clinician facing dashboard responsive using Twitter Bootstrap

• RA-1286 - Enable the creation of new sections on the Clinician Facing Dashboard

• RA-1359 - Enable Dashboard Widgets to be created in other modules

• RA-1370 - Clean up the constraints on the Dashboard widgets to show data within the Reference Application

• RA-1379 - Past visit can not be before patient is born

• RA-1383- App UI to handle header config extensions based on their priority

• RA-1414- Registration App: Edit Section functionality should provide a “Save Form” link

• RA-1425- Registration summary page to display all defined sections of the Registration App in the left column

• RA-1441 - [Admin UI] Add French Translations

• RA-1485 - Encounter Privileges Based on EncounterType Privileges

Technical task

• RA-1430 - XSS attack in toast messages after patient registrationionBug

fyi @jwnasambu the formatting of this post makes it hard to read…

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thanks for the feedback am working on it

@jwnasambu Thanks ,have you individually notified the various individuals especially for Tickets with “In Development Status” for example RA-988-WIP .They need to be reminded. Their requests with reflect progress and help decide wether the ticket is a 2.8.0 issue or to be bumped to 2.9.0.

I haven’t reminded any with an intention of first confirming the release date. What is your advice should i wait or go a head and remind them?

@jwnasambu have you looked at the Technical Roadmap?I believe it has the tentative date, besides it may prolong because of the progress…But you have to contact each one of them and module owners,they’re all waiting for you.

Yes i have looked at Technical Roadmap it has no release date.

@jwnasambu it is prudent to first ping all Ticket assignees and module owners(RefApp Modules) ,remind them of the urgency,inquire and find out wether they are to release now module versions or not.That all fits in the time frame you allocate for the Tentative date.

Thanks for the advice i will work upon it.

Agreed that notifying individuals is important… I think it would be enough to just @ the reporter and/or assignee for each ticket in the above list to save the time of emails each individually. You could also make a spreadsheet as well and ask each reporter/assignee to update whether they plan to have the ticket completed in time, or whether it should be pushed out to 2.9.

Take care, Mark

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Thanks for your advice