Appointment UI issue(2.11)

@sharif I remember the UI issue(select service type overlapping) was fixed and again I could see an issue on 2.11 UI. Please refer to the screenshot below.

@prapakaran Which issue is that, that seem to be as expected as per screen shot, can you describe the issue thanks

@sharif I just highlighted in the screenshot where characters were overlapped each other.

@prapakaran sure thats an error we should separate that scheduling appointment Headers. this seems to be related with this ticket thanks i have ticketed it here, feel free to look into it

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@sharif thank you. Can you please let me know the issue get fixed?

That was because bootstrapp brought earlier in refApp 2.10. we seem that its not an issue and we closed it here , feel free to reopen it if you still need to have another look at it thanks