Appointment Scheduling UI


I’m using appointment scheduling ui module on openmrs, and in the providers schedule functionality, I’m trying to make a long period schedule for a given provider. However it seems not possible to repeat, a certain period until a due date. It is a very important requirement.

Can someone tell me if is it possible and how to do it?


Unfortunately, this is not currently possible in the module–though it is a very valuable feature, and often-requested among our implementers. We hope it will get added at some point.

Take care, Mark

Ok. Thank you @mogoodrich for your quick answer. I assume by your answer that there isn’t any predictable date to start the development of this feature, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, you assume correct… :slight_smile:

I suspect if if you look in JIRA there is a ticket for this feature in the Appointment Schedule project if you want to add your own thoughts on it.

Take care, Mark

I’ll look for it into Jira. Thank you @mogoodrich. :wink: