Appointment Scheduling UI Home Page Extension Point


I’m using appointment scheduling UI module, and I would like to place a new button is it’s homepage, linking to another module. Shouldn’t appointment scheduling UI, have an extension point available to add extra functionality? Right now I’m forced to add manually the link ui.pageLink.

Is there any better approach?


When you say “its home page” are you referring to this?

Yes, it is @dkayiwa.

@fmalmeida, it would make sense to add an extension point here. Want to send a PR for it?

You can do something like this:

@darius, please tell me how can I proceed in order to pull it. I’ve never made a code contribution to openmrs. Still, I have to make the development and test it, and so it can take some time, since I have some overdue tasks.


The mechanics of the process are like what is described here (except for openmrs-module-appointmentschedulingui instead of for openmrs-core).

(Is that what you’re asking?)