Appointment Scheduling Module "Manage Appointments"

Reference Application 2.6.0

Question: I am using OpenMRS 2.0.5 Build 0 and Reference application 2.6.0 . I am reviewing this ticket [AM-192] Manage Appointments does not work with Linux server - OpenMRS Issues, I followed the ticket recommendations by updating the appointment scheduling UI module but nothing changed. There are no Server logs as it is Error 400 still. Any recommendation is highly appreciated **

just a few things,are you able to reproduce that error using Login if so,lets look at the pull request containing your changes and the logs when you run your changes on the server

No. I could not replicate it anymore on the demo server.

actually on double checking the ticket, its is closed and basing on the last comments, it looks like a fix was made. I encourage you to move to other tickets

Yes… There was a fix that is updated in the scheduling appointment modules. I uploaded the latest ones but no luck … just wondering what might be the issue

Which versions of the appointmentscheduling and appointmentschedulingui modules are you running?